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The West Coast Dressage Development Program officially launched in 2019 with a vision of encouraging, supporting and championing young dressage riders in their pursuit of excellence in the sport. Due to limited opportunities for this age group it became abundantly clear that the future of dressage starts with our young riders and therefor needed attention placed upon development. From that realization the WCDDP was born.

We offer subsidized clinics 2-3 times a year with consistent clinicians to help progress young riders through their goals. In addition to clinics members are also eligible for awards at the end of the show season each year.

Awards Program

WCDDP features an achievements based medal awards program for 10 levels that will require submission of 4 scores from 3 judges at minimum of 2 shows. Shows can be at the schooling, bronze, silver or gold level so all ages and levels are eligible.

Our Mission

Courtenay Fraser


Building upon her lifelong passion for horses, Courtenay Fraser began teaching and training professionally in 2002. In that time, she also became an active competitor, earning both her USDF and Dressage Canada Gold Medal Rider Awards.


Early in her riding career, Courtenay was a member of the 2000 NAYRC Canadian Team. She was fortunate to have had wonderful mentors and coaches that guided her on her journey up through the Junior and Young Riders’ ranks.


In 2019, Courtenay met a few close friends with a vision to join with them to start a new organization to help develop Dressage Youth. Together with Christie Wengranowski and Christina Boddy, to pass on the tradition of guidance and mentorship that helped make Courtenay’s career possible, the West Coast Dressage Development Program was born.

"I am thoroughly looking forward in assisting with the growth and development of the WCDDP. I hope to create a program that will live on for many years, to assist each rider with their individual goals and dreams, while also helping British Columbia excel with strong and competitive teams for the years ahead."

Fostering Growth

Our young riders work hard to succeed in what they do and working with horses teaches them many life skills. Through riding and horsemanship they learn responsibility, how to care for an animal, work through the highs and lows, accept success and defeat, be a supporter of their peers and learn partnership with their horse. By becoming a member of WCDDP our youth, regardless of age, competition level or financial backing, can gain access to opportunities that would not be available without the foundations existence.



Christie Wengranowski

Vice President

A lover of horses since the gift of her first My Little Pony, Christie’s riding path has taken her on a wonderful adventure from a 9 year old beginner to accomplished amateur rider.


Christie had a unique childhood farm experience living on the Salmon River Ranch in Fort Langley. This allowed her non-horse parents to immerse her in the farm culture with support of many experience equestrians and low financial risk. Her first pony was a free lease and a test to see if she really was as committed to not just riding but caring for a horse. During the 1 year lease she began a 6 year journey in the Langley Pony Club taking in all the lessons, camps, clinics, quiz’s and Prince Phillip Games. At the end of that lease she finally got to own her first horse, ML Starfire a 4 year old chestnut Arabian mare.


Fire taught Christie many things from patience, humility, persistence, determination & drive and that she was clearly made for the dressage ring. At just 12 years old her love for dressage was sparked and by 16 ended her time with Pony Club with a great send off as the 1995 BC team member for the Canadian Price Phillip Games in Lexington Kentucky.


Through a number of years in the Arabian breed circuit then moving on to open dressage shows Christie has had the pleasure of showing in BC, Alberta, Oregon and California and competing up to Third Level. Her heart has always lived with the Arabian horse and with the purchase of Roman (2014 Anglo Arabian) in 2016 she is excited to make her way down the West Coast showing what Arabians can do in the dressage ring!


“I am excited to build excitement for all youth in the sport of dressage and look forward to working with the WCDDP team to bring many great things to the West Coast.”


Christina Boddy


Christina has been riding for over 30 years, first as a hunter/jumper, and is now a dedicated dressage enthusiast. She has recently bred her first foal and is looking forward to raising and training her next competitive partner. When not at the barn, Christina runs her own corporate consulting company, providing governance services to publicly traded companies.

If you’re interested becoming part of the board of directors we’d love to have you! Please email us here and don’t forget to become a member.

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