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Jaimey Irwin Clinic

April 11th and 12th, 2024 

Agriplex, Prince George


2 x 45 min Lessons

WCDDP Junior Members $500

Adult Spots available $600

Come audit the clinic!

Auditing is $25/day. Register today to reserve your spot.


Jaimey Irwin Clinic

April 13th and 14th, 2024 

Windsum Enterprises, Langley



Come audit the clinic!

Auditing is $25/day. Register today to reserve your spot.


Exciting News!

Dressage BC ("DBC") and the West Coast Dressage Development Program ("WCDDP") have partnered together to be able to serve as many riders as possible in BC. By joining together we hope to expand the reach of both societies and grow the sport of dressage from grass roots, to juniors, through to the adult amateur. 


DBC's mission is to provide a combination of education, awards, grants & a network of support to promote dressage.


This fits well with WCDDP’s mission of encouraging, supporting and championing young dressage riders in their pursuit of excellence in the sport.


In the next few years, DBC will focus on adult amateur rider education and grass roots development while WCDDP will continue their focus on Jr/Yr education and development. Now, all DBC Jr members will automatically be members of WCDDP, so only one membership is required for both DBC and WCDDP, senior members can opt into membership with WCDDP if they choose. It is free for juniors to join DBC and WCDDP, thru your HCBC online membership. 


Soon, DBC will be announcing the 2023 educational series while WCDDP will be hosting youth clinics with Jaimey Irwin and Lendon Gray. 


“This a wonderful opportunity and a logical partnership. It is an exciting time for both of our societies to join together.”  

Alison Martin, DBC Vice President. 


“I am thrilled about the collaboration of DBC and WCDDP. I feel as though this is going to build our Dressage community closer and create a stronger foundation for the sport here in BC.”

Courtenay Fraser, WCDDP President.


For more information or any questions about the partnership or your membership, please email 

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